15mm-35mm Belts

Individual Hand  Made Suede, Leather and Snakeskin Belts for Men and Ladies 

This page was my original belts page when I first took my leatherwork online and most of the belts shown here are sold now although many of the styles can be repeated to order.

You may find a belt to suit you here amongst the belts from stock but if not here are some of the questions you will need to answer before I can make the individual belt you are looking for!

 Which size belt would you like ?

 Which leather would you like ?

 Which colour would you like ?

 Would you like a link belt ?

 Which belt buckle would you like ?

 Would you like a ladies belt ?

 Would you like a mans belt ?

 Would you like to design your belt ?

40-50mm and Wider Belts

Leather Belts Snakeskin Belts Suede Belts

With belts a must have fashion item and the return of the Boho Belts  I am working on a new Belts Index Page to link to all my belts pages including my  Ladies Wide Leather Corset Belts , Mens Python Snakeskin Belts and Women’s Python Snakeskin Belts.

I hope my range of hand made ladies belts and mens belts includes what you are looking for. If you check out the materials pages you will see many options available.

There is a particularly large colour range in the suede if you are looking for  suede belt and I have lots of unusual colours in the karung snakeskin for snakeskin belts. You may even have favourite buckles with worn out leather belts that you would like replaced!

All my suede leather and snakeskin belts are hand made with care and  backed with leather for quality and comfort. Most of the belts from stock could be shortened. Many of the belt buckles are not repeatable but I am happy to change them over as I use screw studs to attach most of them.

The keeper belts have, as the name suggests a wide keeper that slides across to cover the stud fastening. This gives the advantage of not adding silver or gold to an outfit unless you want to in which case I can add a trim. The keeper belt design is best made 30mm-60mm .Other styles of suede belts, snakeskin belts and leather belts can be made in nearly any width. I can also sometimes make bags to match the suede, leather and snakeskin belts that I make to order and sometimes match the belts from stock to trim a bag or hat of your own.



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TS1 Tan Leather Corset Belt
Emerald Green Suede Ring Belt
Navy Blue Suede Link Belt
50mm Python Snakeskin Belt
Women's Python Snakeskin Belts
Wide Brown Leather Belt with Stunning Diamante Buckle

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Current Belt Collections

4BLC 353848P Black & White Hair Cowhide Belt

More from Designerleathercraft

Hand Painted Python Snakeskin Bangles

See the New Leather Jewellery Collection

Leather Necklace and Cuff  Bracelet with Picture Jasper Stones
Mens Python Snakeskin Double Wrap Bracelet
Black Toscana Shearling Scarf
honey toscana shearling tippet
Beige Suede Dolly Bag

Please Note - The Python Belts are only available for sale within the EU

Toscana Shearling Hats
Black Toscana Shearling Snood

Black hide belt with three piece buckle set.

White Gold Karung Snakeskin.

Bronze metallic leather belt.

Gold foil leather belts.

Gold foil link belt.

Lime karung link belt.

Pale blue snakeskin.

Pewter silver color link belt.

 Black suede belt with  mock totoiseshell and gold color link.

Python snakeskin belts sold

Black karung snakeskin mans belt gold/silver color buckle.

Black karung snakeskin belt  Italian buckle.

Black karung snakeskin belt large gold colour buckle.

Brown karung snakeskin mans belt silver color buckle.

Pewter leather belt gold colour buckle.

Petrol blue hand creased hide leather belt.

Black and white python snakeskin belt.

Mustard crocodile  print leather.

Red and orange karung snakeskin belt.

Petrol karung snakeskin belt with  Italian buckle.

Multicolor karung snakeskin belt.

Bottle green karung snakeskin belt.

Cognac crocodile print leather belt.

Biscuit python wide belt with covered buckle.

Biscuit python wrap belt.

Turquoise karung snakeskin keeper belt.

Black whipsnake with ring and stud fastening.

Black Suede Belt with Satin Gold Colour Buckle.

Black suede belt with silver colour buckle.

Hand Made Brown Bow Belt.

Navy keeper belt with lion trim.

Hand made hand painted python snakeskin.

Petrol hide with biker buckle.

Stone karung snakeskin keeper belt.

Tan copper bow belt.

Tan hand creased hide leather belt.

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