Original Suede Bags and Leather Bags

Original Sheepskin Bags

If you are looking for individual sheepskin bags, soft leather bags or suede bags I hope  it’s worth  looking here. I don’t have any of the hand made handbags and shoulder bags shown here in stock as they were my original collection but I can make these and other similar designs in sheepskin  suede cowhide and  leather in many different colours and colour combinations so if you want a fashionable black and white leather bag or you want to have fun with sheepskin in different colours and types checkout the materials pages to see some of the luxurious sheepskin, suede and soft leather available.

I can also make  sheepskin hats and  sheepskin scarves to match and I am planning a range of suede and leather scarves to compliment the handbags.

I don’t have any snakeskin bags in stock either but you can see some of the snakeskins available for making snakeskin handbags on the  snakeskin page. I have also made several large shopper type snakeskin tote bags in the black and white python and hope to have one or two of these on the site soon.

The dolly bag with its long drawstring that is also the strap is one of my all time favourite bags because when you open it you can easily find what you want. I make this bag in several different sizes suitable for daytime or as an evening bag. This style also holds a lot without looking too big. The sheepskin bags with the mongolian lamb trim are a new handbag design which has proved popular and the little shaded sheepskin handbags with the toscana trim are quite unique as the shading is never the same on any two bags.


Tipped Mongolian Sheepskin Handbag



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Individual Hand Made Sheepskin Bags Suede Bags and Leather Bags

This was my original handbags page to showcase my suede leather and sheepskin handbags when I first took my work online. I am now making a new area to show my handbag designs. Most bags are made to order but I sometimes have a few for sale from stock that will be shown from my  Leather Suede & Sheepskin Bags  Collections Page

Brown & White Hair Cowhide Shoulder Bag
Toscana Shearling Gilet
Leather Necklace and Cuff  Bracelet with Picture Jasper Stones
leather necklaces and bracelets
Hand Painted Python Snakeskin Bangles
TS1 Tan Leather Corset Belt
Wide Brown Leather Belt with Stunning Diamante Buckle
50mm Python Snakeskin Belt
4BLC 353848P Black & White Hair Cowhide Belt
beanie style sheepskin hat

More from Designerleathercraft

I have just added a page showing more mongolian lamb sheepskin colours for the bags and anything else you might like made in luxurious mongolian sheepskin. Also a page where you can see the size of the  Tipped Mongolian Bag

I am trying to get a new collection ready  including some cowhide tote bags and cowhide handbags and of course the very popular mongolian sheepskin bags but finding it hard to find the time with the current surge in popularity of sheepskin clothing and accessories.

There are some more pictures and details about the Dolly Bags here    Dolly Bag Pictures  and details about a special order here Special Order for a Large Brown Mongolian Sheepskin Bag

Black Toscana Shearling Tippet n Fastens with Magnets
Grey Toscana Shearling Scarf
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