I am sometimes able to carry out a wide range of specialist repairs and alterations to soft suede, leather, snakeskin and sheepskin fashions and accessories. Any repairs and alterations are carried out entirely at your own risk but I haven’t spoilt anything yet! I have refurbished a crocodile leather wallet that had great sentimental value to its owner and I have successfully brought back into service many leather and suede garments with splits and many favourite bags with broken handles.

I charge a minimum fee of 40 for any repair or alteration and all postage costs including insurance must be met by yourself.

I have just finished refurbishing an amazing and much loved vintage crocodile leather handbag. I took some pictures of the handbag before the repairs and afterwards and some pictures of some of the work involved in a job like this for those of you who are interested in leatherwork. I will add them to the site as soon as I have edited them.

Specialist repairs and alterations can usually only be carried out during the summer months when things are generally a little less hectic. If you would just like some advice I am happy to try and help if you telephone 07899875525. This is quicker and easier than by email.

Checkout the  Collections  pages to see the sort of work I can do.

Sorry! One job I never take on is relining coats and jackets.

If I am unable to take on your repair or alteration myself I might be able to point you in the direction of someone who could.



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Specialist Repairs and Alterations to Suede Leather Snakeskin and Sheepskin Products

Brown & White Hair Cowhide Shoulder Bag
Curly Tigrado Shearling Wrap
Curly Tigrado Shearling Tippet Collar
Toscana Shearling Gilet in Marron Brown
Grey Toscana Shearling Scarf
Black Toscana Shearling Tippet n Fastens with Magnets
Wide Brown Leather Belt with Stunning Diamante Buckle
4BLC 353848P Black & White Hair Cowhide Belt
 Black Mongolian Scarf

Designs from Designerleathercraft

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