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I have tried to make my site as clear as possible to navigate with main links, picture links and links within the text to help you jump quickly to other relevant pages but here you can look at an overview of my work which might make navigating my site easier. My Homepage tells you about me and then from the Collections page you will find the Sheepskin Hats, Suede, Leather and Sheepskin BagsSuede Leather and Snakeskin Belts, Sheepskin Scarves, Gilets and Coats and Jackets pages. Also as I add new stock and some features on individual items I will link to them from here. Now I have the site up and running I am looking forward to a little indulgence in the workroom with some of my new ideas particularly for the sheepskin hats and scarves and snakeskin belts and bags. The Special Orders page and  Silver Leather Bag Gallery show you some of the stages involved in making  one special order for a silver leather bag with a rather luxurious turquoise leather lining. I hope to add more interesting projects here when I get the time. I also have an Orders for Leathergoods page to keep you updated on the current situation for orders for my own designs. The Materials pages show just some of the colours and types of  Suede, Leather, Sheepskin  and Snakeskin  available from my suppliers. Also a small collection of the Belt Buckles Trims and Links that I have to offer. I will be adding some solid brass belt buckles soon. If you are looking to work with leather yourself or need a patch for something the Leather Supplies for Small Quantities  page might be of interest to you. If you have a problem I might be able to help with  Specialist Repairs and Alterations  or just advice if you telephone 07899875525.

The Webmaster (that’s me again) welcomes any feedback you might have time to give on the site, offers a Google search facility, a link to my news page at and also manages the Links page. Here there are some other craft websites, search engines and directories that might be of interest to you. Links to web sites outside the Designerleathercraft web site are for your interest and information only. I do not have control of the content of these web pages and I can assume no responsibility for their content.

Please read my  Contact and Payment details carefully and be sure you accept my Terms and Conditions if you are going to make a purchase.  My Privacy Policy includes information about Google cookies and I have provided a link to the Consumer Contracts Regulations  for your convenience. My website uses cookies as described on my Cookies Page.

To try and keep the site as organized as possible as it grows with more information and examples of leatherwork I have added new sets of pages that have their own homepage with links to relevant pages. I  started with  Snakeskin Pages  and I have now added  Suede PagesNappa Leather PagesSheepskin Pages and  Designs Pages to give details of my regular designs. Customer Pages to give individual information and  Gallery Pages for extra pictures. There is also a new set of pages for Buckles Links and Trims and Vintage Pages that I haven’t started on yet.

It is also necessary to split the website as it grows because the software program that I use to build it has a mind of its own so it is best not to let any area grow too large as this could cause problems with the site.

If you would like help looking for something on the site please contact me


Telephone 0789987552

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy looking around.


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