Python Snakeskin

Python snakeskin available with its natural markings is generally referred to as black and white python snakeskin. I also have wine without the markings, grey with them and many pieces of other colors and painted python snakeskin which are great for trimming and mixing on snakeskin belts.  I make a range of python snakeskin belts for men and women and my new snakeskin and leather jewellery collection is underway. See a variety of natural python snakeskin markings and shades.

Karung Snakeskin

Karung snakeskin has a small tight scale which is similar to lizard. I have this snakeskin available in black and quite a lot of colours including fushia pink, turquoise, yellow, pale blue, purple, red and cognac. See some of the karung snakeskin colours.

Lizard Skin

Lizard skins are fairly small. I have several colors, natural and black suitable for trimmings and wallets. I have also started using lizard akin for exotic leather cuff bracelet.


Whipsnake often has a shiny finish and sometimes comes with a matt finish. I have several very nice whipsnake snakeskins with patterns and foils, even gold and silver color holograms.

Ostrich Leather

I have a small quantity of ostrich leather in black but the minimum quantity from  my regular suppliers has increased so this is all I have to offer at the moment. 

Crocodile Leather

If you are interested in crocodile skin I can see what is available at the time. Again this is a very expensive skin. I do have some small pieces for trimming and also a pale skin with natural markings.

Stingray Skin

This is a very interesting fish skin, new to me. It has a textured finish with a beautiful pearly patch on each skin. Another expensive one! I have none in stock at the moment.

For those of you who enjoy crafts I can sometimes supply small quantities of pieces of some of the above snakeskins and lots more interesting leather suede and sheepskin pieces for your own craft projects.

Python Snakeskin, Ostrich Leather, Crocodile Leather, Stingray and Lizard Skin

For Making Belts and Bags and for Trimming.   Not for Resale as Exotic Leathers

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