Although I call orders made to the design of a customer special orders ALL orders are special and I do my very best to produce a well made item in quality materials for all orders. I am listing links to pages showing some of the work I have done to order from this page as I am running out of space on my special orders page.



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All Orders Are Special Orders

Brown & White Hair Cowhide Shoulder Bag
Curly Tigrado Shearling Wrap
Curly Tigrado Shearling Tippet Collar
Toscana Shearling Gilet in Marron Brown
Grey Toscana Shearling Scarf
Black Toscana Shearling Tippet n Fastens with Magnets
Wide Brown Leather Belt with Stunning Diamante Buckle
4BLC 353848P Black & White Hair Cowhide Belt
 Black Mongolian Scarf

Designs from Designerleathercraft

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